Monday, April 12, 2010

Solomon Spirits Logo

I've been working with Solomon Spirits (an alcoholic beverage company from Florida, US) since last year, when they ordered me a series of labels for their liqueurs. This year we have mostly worked on the advertisement for their vodka products -- Vonost 88 and BAMA. The latter is soon to be launched (more precisely, next month), so we needed to prepare its press release, featuring the company logo. Since there was no such logo, the company entrusted me with the task of creating one. The deadline was quite short -- I had only a few days for working on it. I made the first demo on March 29, and the final version was sent to the client on March 31. It's almost impossible to create a corporate logo in such a short time, because in my experience it usually takes a lot of tweaking before everyone is happy. Still, we managed to finish it on time, and since the client has expressed deep satisfaction with the result, I call it successful.
The logo represents a combination of two mirrored "drops" forming the letters SS with their shiny edges (or just one S in the form of the gap between them). It slightly resembles the ancient Chinese symbol of yin and yang. The corporate colors are black, gray and silver. Here's the version for using on dark backgrounds:


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