Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vodka Advertisement

Recently I received a magazine advertisement order from the same customer, who ordered me Limonzala liqueur labels last year. Actually, it was a double order -- they wanted the ads for two vodkas, Vonost 88 and Bama. I needed to make something simple and conservative, suitable for their elegantly reserved labels.

Vonost 88, according to the advertisement, is the only vodka in the world that is fully corked. So I decided to use an image of a corkscrew in the design, beside the traditional Martini glass. I made everything strictly black-and-white, to match the minimalistic colors of the product.

As for Bama, it's short for "Alabama" (not "Obama," as some of you may have assumed), and it's filtered with the limestone quarried exclusively from that US state. The vodka is bottled in a transparent blue bottle, and there's a stylized diamond on its label, so I made a glowing blue background and placed a huge blue diamond beside the bottle and the glass.

You have already guessed it from my post, but still I'd like to stress out that I have designed only the magazine ads, not the products themselves. Label design belongs to the manufacturer (Solomon Spirits), and the ads are published here with their kind permission.


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