Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Interview at

A couple of days ago published an interview with me. Here's the link in case anyone is interested in reading it:

Chitchat: Rezo Kaishauri

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gone with the Melody

Here it is, at last -- the third and final drawing from the mini-series of illustrations to Jurii Kirnev's Lips of Color of Blood, a novel about a young and talented composer who fell in love with Death itself in the form of an attractive young woman.

As in the case of the previous two drawings, the reference for the model was provided by the author himself. In the background you can see a fragment of the Buda Castle in Budapest (where the novel's events take place). The drawing was done in color pencils, with the female figure finished with a black ball-point pen. Below you can see the work in progress.

I had an epic fun drawing the notes. Those who can read them may even recognize the music, because these are the actual fragments of Mozart's Requiem, carefully drawn, note by note, from the score sheets. Here's the enlarged detail for you to appreciate my "scribing" skills:

In conclusion, I'd like to thank Mr. Kirnev for providing such an excellent opportunity and a great material to work with. Maybe someday I'll get the chance to actually read the novel I've done the illustrations for...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Fairy Lady

By the end of last November I was contacted about logo and header design for a dance competition registration website. The URL was, so I decided to make a dancing fairy figure, with a magic wand in her hand. The client liked the figure design so much, that he ordered additional dancing fairy poses for use throughout the website. The work went quite smooth and everything was finished and approved in about two weeks. The funny things started just after that...

What could possibly happen, one may ask. Dance experts, consulting the client -- that's what happened. They pointed out the inaccuracies in some of my dancing poses. Outrageous! I've been dancing since... no, wait... I don't dance. Okay, okay, I admit -- I have no idea about professional dancing requirements. I had no choice but to revise the poses according to the experts' recommendations. Naturally, it all got dragged on, with holidays and other stuff concurred, so the final dot to the project was put only a couple of days ago.

Here's the final version of the logo. In the initial versions the "working" leg didn't touch the "standing" one, with the foot keeping some distance from the knee. The dance experts considered it a blasphemy, so my "fairy lady" had to strike a proper pose.

Below you can see the additional poses, including some "funny" ones, like stretching a leg or holding a roster.
And here's the header design sample:

Being an inveterate package designer, I rarely do website-related projects, so it was fun working on this one (except the part where the experts intervened, of course) and I'm certainly looking forward for more work in this vein.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dish-Washing Time!

Long time, no design. Time to fix that. With detergents, of course! So I'm presenting a new series of dishware cleaners from one of oldest detergent brands under my design: Eco+. Oh, and don't try to locate them on your local supermarket shelves -- unless you live in Tbilisi, Georgia, that is.

No FruitLab involved -- this time the client wanted me to use some real (and fresh) fruit photographs, so I had to buy them from Shutterstock, along with some new flatware. The rest is just the good old curves and bubbles, tried and tested many times before -- they always work with this kind of things...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nocturnal Interlude

This is the second drawing from the mini-series of illustrations to Lips of Color of Blood, a novel by Jurii Kirnev. If you follow my blog, you might already know that the novel is set in modern day Budapest and its heroine represents Death itself in the form of an attractive young woman.

The reference photo for the model, as in the previous case, was provided by the author himself. As the references for some of the background details I used photos of Kerepesi Cemetery -- one of the oldest graveyards in Hungary. The drawing is done with my usual mix of media -- color pencils finished with ball-point pens.

Usually I try to develop the colors as evenly as possible throughout the entire process, but this time, as you can see from the WIP scans below, I tried a different approach, rendering the colors and shades step-by-step, starting with the most important elements.

As I wrote in the previous post, there will be three drawings in total, so stay tuned for the conclusion!