Friday, April 30, 2010

Red Bound II

This is the last drawing from Paranoia II series. I have just finished it, but it's been dated 2009, because it was started last December, and (as you might know from my previous blog posts) I usually date my artwork when started, not when finished.

As for the artwork itself, it's another "Dianized" remake of my older work -- namely, Red Bound from the first Paranoia series. For those who don't follow my blog closely, "Dianization" means remaking my earlier works with Diana (my wife) as the model. On the right you can see the original version, done exactly 15 years ago.

The remake keeps the original composition mostly intact, with only minor rearrangements. The main difference is the color range, which has become significantly warmer. Also, some elements, such as the "crater" below the soap bubble, have substantially "evolved." Finally, the sky and the clouds participate in the "big picture" more actively now, as you can see for yourself.

As for the symbolism behind the artwork, it's quite simple, actually. In my perception, the original version represented one's hesitation before stepping over a boundary -- a "red line," so to speak. I guess that could be applied to the new version as well, only this time it has become even more obvious what sort of boundaries we're talking about here exactly...


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