Monday, May 3, 2010

Paranoia II: The Complete Series

Red Bound II has concluded the Paranoia II series, so I think it's time for a little showcasing. But before that, a brief digression into history.

The first "fit of paranoia" happened to me in 1995 and lasted for two years, resulting in 10 surrealistic drawings, infused with allusions and hidden visual messages in the spirit of Salvador Dali's famous Paranoiac-Critical Transformation Method. The three colored balloons, first seen in Nine Questions (on the right), later became one of the most recognizable symbols in my art. (It represents childish eroticism, in case you wonder.)

The second wave started in 2002, four years after finishing the first series. The gap in time brought in some noticeable changes. Besides the more refined technique, the artwork from Paranoia II (or ParanoIIa, as spelled alternatively) shows more integrity in style. At the same time, all the trademark features of the series are still present: visual audacity, predilection to hidden allusions, and the same Dali-influenced polymorphous imagery.

Paranoia II also consists of 10 pieces: nine original and one remake of a previous Paranoia title -- Red Bound. Here's a number of selected works from the now complete series, as promised in the beginning. You might have seen some of them already in my previous blog posts, while others are published here first time.

Sex a la Salvador Dali (2002)

Trichotillomania: Deluxe Widescreen Presentation (2002)

Laokoon (2003)

The Towel of Babel (2009)

Red Bound II (2009)

You can see the whole series at my website, or my deviantART gallery. As for the future works, there's still a whole bunch of "paranoid" ideas left in my sketchbook, so I'm planning to start Paranoia III later this year.


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