Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Suitcase Mood

I made this drawing as a present for my younger brother Soso on his birthday, which is today, December 30th. For the reference, I have used a photo of him, taken by me in Riga airport, during our transit flight from Vilnius to Tbilisi, in January 2009. Only he wasn't actually sitting on a suitcase. The idea comes from the Russian expressions "sitting on a suitcase" and "a suitcase mood," used when someone is ready and eager to depart somewhere.
The artwork perfectly represents my own mood at the moment: I'm planning to move to Lithuania next month, to finally reunite with Diana and settle down our nomadic marriage. No more suitcases and airports please! Thank you.

As for the drawing itself, it's my usual color pencil/ballpoint pen combination. I have decided to place both my brother and his suitcase (my suitcase, actually) against a clean white background, in the best traditions of Norman Rockwell, which adds to the comic feel of the artwork.


Unknown said...

I have this mood right now

Anonymous said...

hey man
are u living forever?

nice piece of art btw. love mood and color. feels like a bit sad before departure. maybe it's hard leave, maybe not forever but truly hard

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