Saturday, January 2, 2010


First of all, happy holidays everyone! This is my first post in 2010, so I think it's appropriate to begin the new year with something about a change.

My artistic career started exactly 15 years ago, and since that I have changed my signature twice. First time it was in 2000, and the second time it would have been in 2005, only I hadn't done any artwork that year (at least, anything worth signing), so "officially" the second change took place in 2006. As you can see, I have developed a sort of habit to change signatures once in 5 years, so it's time for another change -- hopefully, for good.

My new signature is not exactly new. Actually, it's a simplified version of my original "pyramid" logo, used between 1995-1999 (you can see it on the right). I have just removed the triangle and left only the intertwined R and K. So it's like a return to the roots. Also, there will be no date under the logo, which means my artwork won't be dated anymore, only signed. This is bad for chronology, but good for "timelessness." Many artists prefer using signatures without dates, and among them are some of my favorites -- like Luis Royo, for instance.

My previous signature won't be completely abandoned, however. It's still going to be used on certain works, like the political series, some pastel drawings, etc. But all the mainstream surreal and fantasy artwork will be signed with the new signature from now on.

I won't start using the signature immediately, though. I still have to finish some artwork started last year, and since I usually date my works with years when they were started, not when finished, they're gonna be signed with my old signature. Most probably, the first artwork signed with the new logo will be The Little Heartbreakers, which was also started last year, but will be dated 2010, as an exception to my "dating rules."


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