Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 8th of March!

In case you didn't know, today is the International Women's Day. It's an especially popular holiday in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries. Originally a Socialist political event, today it's just a day for celebrating beauty, love and all the other wonderful things associated with the better half of mankind.

Technically, it's spring in Lithuania, but there's a thick layer of snow on the ground, so I can't pick any flowers. Of course, I could buy them in the local shop, but this is so cliche! Besides, I don't have any cash at the moment, and the flower traders don't accept credit cards. Long story short, I decided to make a paper flower for my wife. It's my first paper craft ever, so don't laugh!

The text on the improvised card is in Georgian and it reads: "Happy 8th of March, my love!" I'd like to wish a happy Woman's Day to my wife, my ex-wife, their mothers, my mother, my sisters, and all the other women out there. Let your men treat you every day like it's the 8th of March!


Metalliana said...

იხ ლიკე :2kiss:

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