Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dish-Washing Time!

Long time, no design. Time to fix that. With detergents, of course! So I'm presenting a new series of dishware cleaners from one of oldest detergent brands under my design: Eco+. Oh, and don't try to locate them on your local supermarket shelves -- unless you live in Tbilisi, Georgia, that is.

No FruitLab involved -- this time the client wanted me to use some real (and fresh) fruit photographs, so I had to buy them from Shutterstock, along with some new flatware. The rest is just the good old curves and bubbles, tried and tested many times before -- they always work with this kind of things...



this very good
kindly can u give the original design because i want launch
the same kind of product in my country Pakistan
tel me about that

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