Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Fairy Lady

By the end of last November I was contacted about logo and header design for a dance competition registration website. The URL was, so I decided to make a dancing fairy figure, with a magic wand in her hand. The client liked the figure design so much, that he ordered additional dancing fairy poses for use throughout the website. The work went quite smooth and everything was finished and approved in about two weeks. The funny things started just after that...

What could possibly happen, one may ask. Dance experts, consulting the client -- that's what happened. They pointed out the inaccuracies in some of my dancing poses. Outrageous! I've been dancing since... no, wait... I don't dance. Okay, okay, I admit -- I have no idea about professional dancing requirements. I had no choice but to revise the poses according to the experts' recommendations. Naturally, it all got dragged on, with holidays and other stuff concurred, so the final dot to the project was put only a couple of days ago.

Here's the final version of the logo. In the initial versions the "working" leg didn't touch the "standing" one, with the foot keeping some distance from the knee. The dance experts considered it a blasphemy, so my "fairy lady" had to strike a proper pose.

Below you can see the additional poses, including some "funny" ones, like stretching a leg or holding a roster.
And here's the header design sample:

Being an inveterate package designer, I rarely do website-related projects, so it was fun working on this one (except the part where the experts intervened, of course) and I'm certainly looking forward for more work in this vein.


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