Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spanish Paella Party

Kinda old news, but it's better late than never. Last Saturday my wife and I went to a "paella party" where we were invited by (brace yourselves, full name and title ahead) Manuel Hernandez Gamallo, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to Lithuania. It was fun, I met a bunch of interesting people (mostly Spanish, giving me an opportunity to show off my rusted Español) and had a chance to taste paella (a rice dish of Valencian origin), gazpacho (a cold vegetable soup) and sangria (a red wine punch with sliced fruits), but the first thing to do was presenting the host a bottle of Georgian wine, of course.

While Diana was snatching at her chance to recruit a teacher of Spanish for her university, I roamed the mansion full of guests, enjoying loud music and examining pictures and other interesting objects on the walls. But most of the time I was eating, as you can see from the photo below (I'm not eating anything "exotic" in this photo, in case you wonder -- just some grilled meat).

Enough private life reporting for now. I'll be back with some design news in a few days. Stay tuned!


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