Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sock Puppet

I have to admit, Putin is simply beautiful in this picture... in a very twisted way, of course. The idea behind the artwork is obvious -- Medvedev is just a placeholder, keeping the seat warm until the glorious third coming of the TRUE president.

Meanwhile, the "presidential couple" seems to be suffering from some serious mental disorders. In a political sense, that is. Paranoia (FSB everywhere), delirium of persecution ("NATO plans to invade us!"), delirium of grandeur (derzhavism, cult of personality) -- you name it. Medvedev calls Saakashvili a schizophrenic, but if he wants to see a real schizo, I would advise him to watch the archive footage where his beloved mentor, impeccable Putin, offers a French journalist, who asked him an uncomfortable question about Chechnya, to visit Moscow, where the extra-class Russian specialists will gladly circumcise him so that "nothing grows back" (exact quotation).

As you see, the legendary Golden Fork is back in Putin's pocket. Just google for "vilochka" (meaning "forkie" in Russian) for some good politically charged fun.


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