Saturday, February 7, 2009

Father Figurine (New Year Edition)

The year 2008 was very successful for the Russian leadership. They acquired a shiny golden fork, a great pair of shoes (almost new) and, among other things, two brand new territories. All thanks to Santa, of course. You know his beloved elves from the previous editions, so there is no need to introduce them. As you can see, they look quite happy, except Lukashenko, a stubborn Belorussian elf, who wanted 2 billion shiny American dollars in exchange for the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but was constantly refused with exactly the same Russian "kukish" you see in the picture, springing out of the gift box. You've been a bad boy, Alex, so you won't get your...

Just a sec... Ah, they just informed me that Lukashenko, at long last, was granted his precious gift. Apparently, now he has to fulfill his side of the bargain and order his pocket parliament to recognize the "new states". Well, it seems Daniel Ortega won't be so lonely anymore...

The Russian Empire grows, but until the glorious day when all the earthlings will speak Russian fluently, let me translate the inscription on the ribbon for you. It reads: "Happy new year, happy new territories!"

P.S. The Gas Cowboys are on their way. Stay tuned!


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