Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crank-Up II

This is the epic grand finale of the Crank-Up mini-series within the Body Language series. Before this, there was a total of three drawings: The original Crank-Up (Start to a New Life) (1995), Waiting for Another Crank Up (2004) and Still Waiting... (2009).

Basically, it took 18 years (!) of waiting for the second encounter with the Green Demon. And, finally, here it is...

Well... 18 years is quite a while, you know... so the demon got a bit skinny, and the surroundings have noticeably changed since the original Crank Up. No more decadence – we have a full-scale modern renovation going on here.

Yes, this is another Dianization (which means remaking older themes with my wife, Diana, as the model). Also, which happens rarely, this is a myselfization, too – the new demon is entirely based on your humble servant... well, maybe with the exception of the green skin and the six-pack (which I, regrettably, don't possess).

As for the "technicalities", it was done with watercolor pencils (namely, LYRA Osiris), 0.35 mm mechanical pencil (for sharp details) and ball-point pens (for darker parts). Here's the work in progress:


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