Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Old Nimbus 2000

Harry Potter. I had seen some movies, and played some games, but never read any of the books. This summer I've finally decided to sit down to it, so here I am, reading the UK edition from my wife's collection.

I'm enjoying the books immensely, despite the little mistakes scattered here and there. I really liked the movies (so far I've seen the first three of them), but the books are, well, books. A whole different level of submergence into the magic world of Hogwarts, with myriads of tiny, but important details, regrettably (but unavoidably) missed in the movies.

Anyway, today, when lurking around outside the house, I've found my own Nimbus Two Thousand! Well, actually, it's just an old broom from the backyard, but it will do perfectly for a Muggle like me...


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