Monday, September 14, 2009

A Quick Rinse

Yep, more detergents are coming your way. No no no, don't faint on me -- it ain't gonna be another Big Wash, just a quick rinse this time, I promise.

It was the first order I received after returning from my summer vacation, and it came from the customer who was behind my very first detergent labels back in 2006: a firm called "100+1" (the same name as their production). Only this time they decided to go with a new brand name: MAX. Naturally, the design also had to be different and fresh.

As before, the labels needed to be done in three different flavors, so I locked myself up in my FruitLab to breed some more of those "self-made" fruits. Since I already had a stock of lemons and oranges, I only needed to add some green apples to my "digital garden."

After tailoring the shape of the labels to the actual liquid container and designing the MAX logo, all I had to do was "stirring up" the background and adding some eye candy like pretty bubbles and shiny sparkles. And here it was: another fruity detergent in the best traditions of the genre.
But that's not all. A few days later I received a new "dish-washing" order from another regular customer: a private venture primarily using ECO+ brand for their production (those who had been fortunate enough to attend the Big Wash should be familiar with that name). The customer didn't want anything new this time, but rather to alter an existing label which we did earlier: a detergent balsam, featuring Diana's "glamoured" hand and a mascot character. The task was to change the shape of the label and replace the ECO+ brand with BEST. Also, the original label was a "solo project," and now it had to be done in three different flavors, as we usually do with other labels.

The FruitLab already contained the "raw ingredients" for the two of these flavors, but it didn't have any strawberries, so I had to design them from the scratch (which was actually fun: strawberries proved to be a very interesting fruit to "build," so to speak).

The "ECO+ girl" also had to undergo some changes: now she sported a new "sponsor's logo" on her apron (which effectively made her the "BEST girl"), and this new sponsor turned out to be quite generous, adding two new dresses to her collection to match the new flavors.
Usually I don't like redesigning the labels, because the new elements are often hard to fit into the existing arrangements. Fortunately, this wasn't the case here: the completely redesigned top part of the label matched the rest quite naturally.
That's it for now, but I'm sure there will be more episodes in this soap (or rather detergent) opera: my ever-competitive customers declared a real war on each other, which is certainly fine by me, as long as I remain the main weapon supplier for the both sides of the conflict...


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