Monday, March 16, 2009

Russian Leprechaun

This is a very special leprechaun -- the Russian breed, significantly larger and greedier than it's Irish relative. It collects the pipe money, sings chastushkas, drinks vodka, and eats nearby small states when hungry. It's favorite place is Canteen No.1, which currently has quite a few items on the menu: Georgia, Ukraine (hot dishes), Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (cold snacks). Unfortunately, they have run out of vodka because of the global economic crisis, so they have to use kerosene instead. You see the last bottle of vodka on the table, and its label reads "fire and kerosene" in Georgian, which is another way to say: "Choke on it!"

As for the newspaper, you can see two headlines in Russian: "Peace Enforcement" and "The Fork Is Ours!" The last one refers to the famous golden fork, liberated by the leprechaun's army among other goods. This cult object is also represented on the picture: you can see it on the plate with the leprechaun's favorite dish.

If you're curious, the inscription on the purse behind the pile of gold coins reads "GOSBANK" (the Russian State Bank). And finally, if you look at the wall carefully, you'll realize that the crumbled plaster may also have something to say...


Anonymous said...

This is genius! I stole this as my avatar for the day .. (and I'm Russian)

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