Monday, September 15, 2014

Marlboro Mincer

Okay, I understand this is not exactly what one could have expected from me after more than two years of dead calm. But hey, gimme a break here – at least it's something!

As you can see, this is a Marlboro mincer. Why? Mostly because I can. Also, because I used to collect empty cigarette packs when I was little (purely scientific interest) and Marlboro pack was my absolute favorite. As for the meat grinder, for me it's a symbol of emerging masculinity: You see, as a boy, I always helped my mom grind the meat, because it required a man's strength (or so I was told), therefore it made me feel like this big, strong man who could grind meat, open tightly screwed jars, mix concrete, stuff like that.

Does it make any sense? No? Excellent! Because it shouldn't.

Technical stuff: 200 x 260 mm, color pencils, 0.35 mechanical pencil, some black and red ball-points (used mostly on the pack).

On the early WIP scans you can see how meticulously I modeled each cigarette strand, despite the fact that most of them were doomed right from the start to be buried underneath their brethren.


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