Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adoration II

Finally -- new artwork! The heavy workload of the last couple of months has lightened up a bit due to the holidays, so I was able to finish up a drawing I had started back in October.

It's another "Dianization" (a remake of old artwork, featuring Diana, my wife, as the model) done for the Body Language II series. On the right you can see the original artwork -- Adoration, made in 1996. The drawing represents a mix of erotic symbolism and surrealism, with quite a simple concept: an illustration of worshiping someone blindly and dependently.

I decided to leave the most elements, beside the female figure, intact, introducing only minor changes to them. For instance, the sky is brighter in the new version, with less small details and more saturated blues contrasting with the oranges and yellows more pronouncedly. In the old version you could see a prominent face in the clouds. Now there's another one, right next to it.

In the early WIPs the column had exactly the same perspective as in the original drawing, but when I started laying out the tiled floor, I realized that this perspective was wrong all along, so I fixed it.
Due to the large gap in time (14 years, actually) between these two versions, they serve as a perfect illustration of my skill progress, especially in human anatomy and skin shading.


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