Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer. Finally!

I know what you think: "Hey, dude, look at the calendar -- it's the end of June already!" But here in Lithuania it feels like summer is just another spring, only a bit warmer. This year's summer made an especially slow start. The long chain of cold and rainy days was interrupted by the gleams of sun only occasionally.

On the other hand, I'm just a southerner, thrown some 2.500 kilometers north from his sunny homeland, so I'm not exactly an expert in Lithuanian summer. Although I often hear the locals themselves say that this summer started off colder than usual.

Anyway, it seems that the season has finally arrived. The last few days have been warm and sunny, although a bit windy -- but still enough for me to crawl outside. Besides, it was a very long weekend (St. John's Day merged with the normal day-offs, resulting in 4 days long holidays), which also added to the summertime mood.

From the two of us, Diana was especially glad, because she didn't have to go to work for a few days in a row and she could do whatever she pleased. And she pleased to walk in the yard, play with cats and enjoy the flowers growing all around the house.

So yesterday she decided to weave a wreath of clovers, just for fun. You know, I seldom do things just for fun, trying to find an application for everything I see. And when I saw her absorbed in her "girlish" pastime, I immediately remembered "Baltas brolis" -- one of my long-time conceived projects, involving a young woman dressed in white, with a wreath of flowers on her head.

When it comes to photo-sessions for my drawings, Diana doesn't need to be asked twice. So here she was -- dressed in white, with her long hair unbound and fluttering in the wind. The sight of her fully unleashed beauty is something I'll never get used to, thrilling my heart every time I see it.

The project itself is exactly the opposite of green and sunny -- it's gonna have a dark setting, with full moon in the background, the Gothic graveyard atmosphere, etc. But the photos we made will be still useful as the reference for the female model. Besides, even if I didn't need them for the artwork, it's a real shame to miss a chance to capture such a beauty, isn't it?

In the process, Diana tried her wreath on me, too. Of course, it didn't look quite as good...

The weekend is over, Diana is at work, and I'm writing this post. I just hope this wasn't another "false start" and the summer has really come, with many more warm and beautiful days ahead.


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