Monday, November 9, 2009

The Queen of Mermaids

This is an old artwork from my fantasy series, but it had never been published on the Web before, because it hadn't been entirely finished. A few days ago I finally managed to find some time (after eight years!) to sit down to it and get it done. At long last.

Essentially, it's a color remake of a 1994 drawing with the same title from the copybook called Graphic Fantasies. You can see the original artwork on the right. Initially I intended to repeat it's arched shape, but later I changed my mind. I've kept the basic composition and the details of the scenery mostly intact, but altered the mermaid's posture from relaxed to more solemn, living up to her title of the queen. Also, I've changed the throne to some sort of an "epic-looking" rock formation, more suitable for the underwater fantasy setting.


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