Thursday, October 8, 2009

Orgasm Vodka

Recently I've been contacted by a new customer from Bulgaria, asking if I could make a label design for a... let's say... specific brand of vodka. The new product was titled Orgasm Vodka, but what really cracked me up was the suggestive shape of the bottle and the very idea behind it. As explained by the customer, the product was intended to have three spheres of application: as a drink, as an aphrodisiac (apparently they put something in it to "stimulate the desire") and... well... use your imagination here (the bottle's made of plastic, if your imagination needs a hint).

It was a perfect job for an old pervert like me, so I took it gladly. Having received the label dimensions and the basic concept, I eagerly set to work.

I liked the idea suggested by the customer: a naked (and preferably masturbating) young woman lying on the word ORGASM, with her legs and her lowered panties making the letter A. But the diamond shape of the label and the shortness of the word prompted me to put the woman in a seated position. With the concept fully ripened in my head, I started to draw the so-called "orgasm girl."

After finishing the drawing (represented on the left), I scanned it into the computer, traced it and completely digitized it, which would easily allow me any further manipulations and experiments. Below you can see the digital version of the original artwork, as it progressed from tracing to coloring and shading. It was the most laborious task, but the efforts were fully repaid, because now I was able to quickly (and separately, what's more important) modify all the parts of the figure -- from the hair to the shoes.
I made the three initial demo versions of the labels: blue, pink and black. Respectively, the "orgasm girl" was represented in three different images: brunette with black stockings, red-haired with pink stockings and blonde with white stockings. All three versions included a starry background, where the stars, as some of the other elements of the design, would be printed in gold or silver.
The "Bulgarian perverts," as I lovingly codenamed my new-found customers, returned the following suggestions: to shut the woman's mouth a bit (according to one of them, she was "howling at the moon") and to cover her nipples with stars (government regulations, you know). Also, I was to further experiment with the font, the colors and the placement of the Triple Pleasure tagline, because it didn't quite fit into the whole picture.After sending some more demo versions with the modified girls, I was asked to experiment with red. I revere the erotic fantasies of my customers, so I immediately dressed my girl in bright red stockings and send her back to work along with her completely color-drained version, placed against solid dark blue background (also a part of the aforementioned fantasies).
The Bulgarians liked the red versions very much, but I strongly advised them to stick to the pink color, having noted that while red is definitely sexy, pink is more "libertine" and therefore more suitable to the subject (not mentioning the deep bluish-purple color of the bottle). Also, pink looks a lot better than red, when printed on metallic paper (that was the plan). Fortunately, my arguments were heard and the ultimate choice was decided in favor of the pink versions.

At this stage I was finally provided with the actual cutting outline, fitting the label depression in the bottle precisely. As expected, it required some corrections to the design, but nothing major. Also, as requested by the printing company, we had to remove the yellow color from the woman's body entirely. Guess what? She looked even better now -- all pink, happy and orgasmic. Soon the work was done and the final version of the label, as seen below, was sent to the customer.
As a bonus, I threw in the "retro" versions of the "orgasm girls," just for fun. But the other party took the idea quite seriously, having said that they might use it for some future projects -- like a brandy for Russian export, for instance. More erotic fantasies... Fascinating!
I really enjoyed working on this project and I'm definitely looking forward to more opportunities like this -- it's exactly my line of work. As any other self-respecting erotic artist, the only thing I like drawing more than a naked woman is a masturbating naked woman! And when someone pays money for this, what more could I wish for? Only more naked women, more money and more "pervert" customers, who are not afraid of daring experiments.


მარიამ ბლანკი¹³ said...

vodka rulz
labels too!

Cyborg-Mcloud said...

თვითონ მწარმოებელი კომპანია რამდენს ანძერევენ საკუთარ პროექტზე იკაიფე. :დ

Orgasm Vodka - razrabotanno jenshinoi ginekologom


Rezo Kaishauri said...

მკითხეს, რამე რომ იყოს, საქართველოში ვერ ჩამოვიტანთო? :D

წარმოიდგინეთ ახლა ეგ ეგ ბოთლი ადგილობრივ სუპერმარკეტებში. :გივი:

The founding fathers said...

To find a good designer is very difficult. To discover a think alike one, get him tuned to your wave length and provoke the expression of his full potential is even harder. To expect him to brilliantly realize your ideas and do it on time is just impossible.
Well......... we just got lucky with Rezo!

Cheers, mate!

from the founding fathers of the project "Orgasm"

Maggie said...

I love that the final label was pink ;)

Aura Hunter said...

I want to buy a bottle where do i go? How can I buy one?

Anonymous said...

This is appalling.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I can't wait to drink and masturbate with the same bottle!

Anonymous said...

Nice, have to see if they export it.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, but unfortunately your final design has an error: proof is not expressed as a percent. It should read simply 80 PROOF, not 80% PROOF. Hopefully it's not printed yet!

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it, the number isn't right either! If it actually is 37.5% alcohol by volume, that's 75 proof. If the alc/vol is wrong and it's actually 80 proof, then the alcohol by volume should be 40%.

Rezo Kaishauri said...

Thanks for the corrections! The label was printed long time ago, but I'll let them know nevertheless -- they should be able to fix it on the next run.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you had to cover up the nipples, when the bottle is shaped like that.

Just saying.

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