Sunday, May 3, 2009

Art Holding Logo

This one went surprisingly fast, smooth and easy. The whole process of creation and endorsement took only one day. The task was to create a simple, good-looking, modern logo for an art holding company, without going to great conceptual lengths. I was given only a couple of days, so I had a certain skepticism regarding the quality of the final product. But fortunately, my worst expectations proved to be wrong: the logo came out neat and solid. It surely was no world-beater, but the client was happy with the product, which was quite enough for me, considering the circumstances.

Originally the client wanted to use an eight-pointed star as the leading element of the design, because it was a trademark of their related project: the Hollywood-style memorial stars to honor the famous Georgian actors. I expressed a strong concern that such an element could give the logo somewhat cheesy looks, but still promised to work on that concept. And I did: on the right you can see one of the several demos where I used the suggested element. Fortunately, these "star" versions were rejected in favor of a more modern concept, just as I hoped.


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I sincerely hope that his new edition gives the system an overhaul, as the system performs rather differently in play ( At least for myself and my group) to how it's described in the core rule book. Basically, the mechanics are quite clunky and slow in actual play but are described as very fast and smooth in the book.

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გიჭირთ ონლაინ კრედიტორის არჩევა? დაგეხმარებათ სერვისი, აირჩიეთ საუკეთესო საკრედიტო პირობები და გააფორმეთ თქვენთვის ყველაზე ხელსაყრელი კრედიტი.

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