Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Epic Wait for Another Crank-Up

It all began back in 1995, when I made Crank-Up: Start to a New Life for the Body Language series. The simple idea of a demon "winding up" a young woman into a brand-new sensual life lingered on, resulting in a spin-off called Waiting for Another Crank-Up, made in 2004. The spin-off featured the original Crank-Up framed and hung on the wall, as a reminiscence. Among other things, you could see the two intertwined spirals -- the trademark symbol of the new Body Language II series.

Still Waiting... is a sequel to Waiting for Another Crank-Up. I never really intended to make it -- the next thing in this line should have been Crank-Up II itself. But the last summer, during the photo-session for my upcoming "sanguine" series called The Mornings After, I "accidentally" took a picture of Diana gazing through the window, dressed in her red bedgown. The sight was breathtakingly beautiful, and she instantly reminded me of the girl from Waiting for Another Crank-Up. So I thought it could be interesting to make another spin-off -- this time, featuring Diana as the model.

The new version has the same general concept and composition, as its predecessor, but there are some differences in details. For instance, the "teeth" now have a polymorphous "tongue" in the form of a large house plant leaf, and the strongly suggestive cactus has been replaced by the less allusive flower vase. There is yet another suggestive element in the picture -- a "fruit composition" arranged on the table. The "sculpture" on the table has also changed -- the "male" spiral has disappeared, leaving the "female" one in complete solitude. Also, there is no more picture on the wall -- but, to keep the good tradition, a framed reminder of the plaited spirals has been left on the table.

14 years have passed already in this epic wait for another crank-up. Hopefully, the lonely girl from the picture gets what she wants very soon...


Anonymous said...


You are just TOO talented to be true O.o!

იმენნა დავსლევდი, კიბორგა უნდ ა გავაღვიძო

Toma said...

ჩემ ბლოგზე დაგამატე :)
მომეწონა შენი ნამუშევრები თუმცა სალვადორ დალის ნამუშვრებს წააგავენ ძალიან :)
სიამოვნებით ვიქონიებდი რამოდენიმეს :)

Secrets said...

რომ არა დოდი, ვერ აღმოგაჩენდი, მაგარია!

@კატტენ ფორსვან

აბა რომელს?

Katie Roseff said...

Love your Work !

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